17.09.2018 |

Yunus Nebi Complex and Library – Mosul

There were a library with important works and a madrasa consisting of classrooms in the centuries-old Yunus Nebi Complex. The complex was one of the most important science centers of its time. Yunus Nebi Complex is one of the most important buildings of the Seljuk period in Mosul. It is believed to be built in 1108. It was built on top of the Assyrian temple (Yunus Manasbn) found in the ancient Nineveh in Mosul. In the beginning of the 12th century, a masjid and ribat were added to the building by one of the Seljuk amirs. Toghtekin turned the ribat into a mausoleum (1108-1113). The complex was later expanded with additions. The current complex consists of a mosque, mausoleum, minaret, khanqah and madrasa and other structures.

After ISIS seized the city in 2014, the historical places in Nebi Yunus Complex and its surroundings were severely damaged. The complex was liberated from ISIS in January 2017.