The infrastructures of campuses for education and research located in in the Middle East and North Africa have been immensely damaged during the clashes. Lecturers and researchers working then at the universities and research institutions were forced to emigrate to different parts of the world, which continues now. Due to the conflict and threat, both academics and students leave their places and are entailed to settle not only in neighbouring countries but in different countries welcoming them, as well.

Turkey has been supporting students and academicians from various countries with the new arrangements made in the field of higher education.

The latest data on Syrian migrants in our country can be found at the link below.








Communication Center For Foreigners

-For the questions and concerns of foreigners about arrival in, stay in, departure from Turkey

 -For the procedures about international protection and temporary protection

 -To receive information about rights and liabilities of the foreigners staying in Turkey with different residence status

 -For human trafficking and emergency calls,

 You can call number 157 from anywhere in Turkey, overseas phone number +90 312 157 11 22 in English, Turkish, Arabic, Russian, Persian and German languages for 24 hours 7 days.