Nour Abou Halawett
10.10.2018 | Nour Abou Halawett

I never would have guessed that my life would change this much

My name is Nour Abou Halawett. I am 23 years old.  I am from Syria. I was living with my  family in Damascus. I came to Turkey with my mother and siblings in 2012.

As my mother is Turkish and many of our relatives are in Hassa, we first went to Hassa. I never would have guessed that my life would change this much. We had a very good  life in Damascus. While me and my siblings were continuing school, my mother was doing translation work and my father was

running his own business.

After the war broke out, everything went downhill. There were explosion sounds coming from all over Damascus. We were having a hard time going to school. My dad's business stopped completely.

We ran out of our savings after some time.

Our education life was interrupted. When we came to Turkey, the first issue we came across was the language issue. As we started everything over here, we didn't have a social environment. When we started to have financial problems in Hassa, we decided to move to İstanbul.

As I missed the exam applications, I had to work for a year. I was both studying for the exams and working. As I couldn't gain the success that I wanted in my first year, I tried again in my second year,

and I got into Mustafa Kemal University, Hatay Health College the department that  I wanted, Nursing.

Right now, we're living a very good and peaceful life. Me and my siblings, we can continue our education. Turkey made our dreams come true.

Turkey is hope for us.

Thank you, Turkey.