Post Graduate Qualifications

Advanced courses for Laparoscopic General and Digestive Surgery 1998

Prof. J. Marescaux, MD, President of European Institute of Telesurgery

Prof. PL. Fagniez, MD, President of Société Française de Chirurgie Digestive

Club Coelio Paris, France.


Advanced courses for Laparoscopic Aorto-iliac Surgery 2001

Prof. J. Marescaux, MD, President of European Institute of Telesurgery

Prof. Y Alimi, MD, Vascular Surgeon

IRCAD Strasbourg, France.


Advanced courses for Endovascular Procedures 2002

Prof. J. Watelet, MD, Vascular Surgeon

Rouen, France..

Research Fellow and Clinical Fellow (2004- 2005)


Royal Liverpool university Hospital

Prof P. Harris, MD, FRSC, Cardiac and Vascular Surgeon

Liverpool, UK,


PhD Degree in Biomedical Sciences (2012)

Cardiovascular Pathology Department

Prof JL Vanoverschelde and Prof El Khoury

University of Louvain Medical School

Impact of the native Aortic valve resection prior to percutaneous Aortic valve replacement.


Belgian Certificate of Hospital Management (2016)

Directed by Inter University Business Schools and Medical Schools

Belgian certificate for Hospital Managers and for Medical Directors

Medical School

BS Medical Science ( 1988 -1991 )

FUNDP Faculté Universitaire Notre-Dame de la Paix, Namur

Obtained Level: Cum Laude

Medical Degree ( 1991 - 1995 )

UCL Université catholique de Louvain, Brussels

Obtained Level: Cum Laude


Research Awards

I.U.A. Prize of the best presentation

Stump pressure and somatosensory evoked potentials for predicting the use of shunt during carotid surgery. Astarci P, Verhelst R, V. Lacroix, Robert A, Guerit J.M, Noirhomme Ph, Rubay J, Funken JC, Poncelet A, Glineur D, El Khoury G

XXII World Congress of the International Union of Angiology.

Lisboa 24-28.06.2006


Member of Scientific Societies

Member of the RBSS Royal Belgian Surgical Society in 1997

Member of the BACTS Belgian Assocation for Cardio-Thoracic Surgery in 2000

Member of the BAVS Belgian Association for Vascular Surgery in 2001

Member of the EACTS European Association for Cardio-Thoracic Surgery in 2002

Member of the ESCV European Society for Vascular Surgery in 2004

Member of the TKDCD Turkish Association for Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery in 2008

Activities in the Scientific Societies

President of the BYF (Belgian Young Flow Master) in BAVS 2008-2012

Foreign External Academic Member of TKDCD (Turkish Society) 2011

Board Member of BAVS Belgian Association for Vascular Surgery 2012


Research Grant

Biowin, The Health Cluster of Wallonia 2012

Leader of the project: Design and production of an endovascular aortic valve resection device.

University Collaborators: UCL Engineering School, Prof Raucent,

ULB Ergonomics Units, Prof Paterson

Industry Collaborators: Mediline, Liège, Belgium

Wow Company, Namur, Belgium

Livanova, Milano, Italy

Grant of 4.8 Million Euros

Owner of 3 Medical Device Patents


Supervision of PhD Thesis

Xavier Bollen, Engineering Thesis : Co-promoter (2012 – 2016)

Assistance to the replacement of the aortic valve through minimally invasive beating heart surgery. UCL Engineering Faculaty


Emiliano Navarra, Medical Thésis : Promoter (2015- 2019)

Impact of endovascular aortic valve resection prior to percutaneous valve implantation. UCL Medical School.


Maxime Elens, Medical Thésis : Promoter (2018- 2023)

Evaluation of Medical therapy in peripheral arteritis using a new Apps. UCL Medical School.

Academic Teaching Responsabilities

Teaching the Vascular physiopathology Endovascular and Surgical treatment

Nursery students.

Brussels ISEI (Institut Supérieur Ecole Infirmière) since 2008


Teaching the Cardio-Vascular pathology Endovascular and Surgical treatment

Clinical Courses and meetings on regular basis

Medical students.

University of Louvain, Brussels Medical School since 2012


Teaching the Vascular pathology Endovascular and Surgical treatment

Podology students.

Brussels PARNASSE- ISEI since 2013