21.02.2019 14:00 - 21.02.2019 17:00 | Brüksel

Brüksel Paneli

Promoting Social Inclusion of the Refugees & The Impact of National Policies and Strategies


About the panel
The Middle East contains the world’s oldest libraries, open air museums, universities and academic life. The ongoing wars in the region are killing thousands of people as well as
ruining the academic heritage.

Turkey experience: Having the highest number of refugees within the region, Turkey has a wide range of experience in preserving academic heritage of Middle East. Real examples of professors and students continuing their academic life in Turkey despite the condition will be discussed.



1:00 PM          Welcome Reception

2:30 PM          Panel Opening and Introduction Video (15 minutes)

2:45 PM          Prof. Dr Zeliha Koçak Tufan

                       Project Presentation: Preservation of the Academic Heritage in the Middle East

2.55 PM           Prof Dr. Eyüp Ertuğrul Karsak Galatasaray University, Rector

                        Refugee Crisis, the Consequences of Migration, and Humanitarian Intervention,

                        The Role of Turkey

3.10 PM           Prof. Dr. M. Verşan Kök Middle East Technical University Rector

                        Academic Heritage and Our responsibilities

3.20 PM           Prof. Dr. Erol Özvar, Marmara University, Rector

                        Academic Integration of Refugees into Higher Education System: Experience of                                   Turkey and Europe

4:15 PM          Discussions

4:30 PM          Closing remarks

4.35 PM          Light refreshments served